When I first got my tractor, friend and advisor Bob Jones promised me that I would come up with uses for it that I could never have imagined.  He was of course right.

turkey run-1

A while back I offered my friend Denise, who was running out of freezer space, that when she got her turkeys slaughtered, I could pick them up and hold on to them for a while (for the moment I have more freezers than frozen things to put in them).  I made two small miscalculations:  I didn’t think through how much volume 22 turkeys occupy, and I didn’t count on it being 90º in late September.  I have four marine coolers (in the foreground above), but I realized that 28-lb turkeys might only fit 2 to a cooler; the math didn’t work.


When I shared my predicament with Bill, he suggested that I put my newly-acquired (and empty) chest freezer in the back of my truck, plug it in overnight, and put the turkeys straight into a cold freezer before driving the hour back to my house.  With forks on the front of the tractor, an impossible lift turned into an easy task, and the turkeys made it safely here.