Electronet without the electrons is a purely symbolic barrier that sheep, dogs, and coyotes could easily push aside.  And while I went on at some length yesterday about the physical challenges of setting it up, I’m also adept at failing to get the electrons to flow properly.  The trouble arises in the Catch-22 embodied by electonet:  I use it to divvy up sections of my pasture, an assemblage of tall grasses and other plants; but if the tall grass touches any of the conductive strands, the electricity flows to ground rather than through the fence.

Electronet voltage-9687 Electronet voltage-9695

 If I were an optimal shepherd, I would have a lawn mower with me out in the pasture, and I’d mow a strip of grass everywhere I wanted to run the electronet.  With no tall grass shorting out the fence, I’d have 10,000 volts of deterrence running through it at all times.  Instead, I take repeated measurements until I get a number I like.

Electronet voltage-9703


Electronet voltage-9704The meter reads in kilovolts, and 2kV is about the minimum to get a sheep’s attention through all its wool.