Today I’m thankful for my rams (and many other things besides!), who spend most of the year on less-than-perfect pasture, patiently waiting for the month when they get to make lambs.  This year’s breeding is scheduled to start a week from tomorrow, and I will be writing more about all the head-scratching I’ve done, alone and with Bill, to figure out who gets bred to whom.  I’m still figuring out the logistics of it all.  In the meantime, I present Angus the Katahdin for your enjoyment.

rams 20171123-2881

More than one visitor to the farm has audibly gasped when they see him.  While fluffy white sheep are regularly invoked as stand-ins for God’s chosen people, Angus looks like the mascot for the other team.

rams 20171123-2907

His job is to bring some size to my Katahdin flock.  The ewes have lots to recommend them — easy lambing, good mothering skills, ostensible parasite resistance (still confirming that bit), and no need for shearing.  Katadhins’ dammit feature is that their lambs grow slowly to a final size that’s not very impressive.  I’d love to keep this breed as part of my flock, but if their lambs only reach 60lbs at market time — I’d prefer 110, but would take 90 — their other qualities won’t carry the day.  Angus weighs almost 190lbs, and I’m hoping some of that finds its way into his offspring.