We haven’t had a big snowstorm in a week,  and the date suggests that winter may be coming to an end, so the lambs need to get ready for life without a roof over their heads.  This afternoon I rearranged the partitions in the barn to give the sheep a path to the outdoors and made a small electronet* enclosure in the barnyard.  I’ll let them get used to being outdoors while still having the shelter of the barn if the weather turns ugly again.  In two or three weeks, when the lambs are a bit older and the weather (presumably) a bit milder, they’ll go out on pasture full time.

Sheep who seemed very anxious to escape the confines of the barn suddenly got tentative about the change in surroundings, but with some corn, I was able to lure the more adventurous ones out.  The fat black ewe lamb was too timid to make it out in the first wave and guilted her mother into coming back inside.


The ram wasn’t particularly timid.




*Much more to come about electronet…