When the rams first joined their group of ewes, there was some frantic reproductive behavior, but now things have settled down a bit.  The current pattern is that a ram will find a girlfriend for the day, and they pal around together, sometimes with blissful smiles.  Here’s the 1½-year-old border cheviot with a first-time breeder:

rams and ewes 20171208-3490

They were off in the tree line while the rest of the group — former girlfriends, judging by the green butts — was hanging around the bale feeder.

rams and ewes 20171208-3504

And in the other cheviot group, the 8-month-old ram lamb had paired up with the oldest ewe in the flock.

rams and ewes 20171208-3481

I’m tempted to make a snarky comment about some prominent men (and the women around them) being better off had they been born sheep, but I shan’t.