I had a nice, crisp 7100-volt charge on the fence this morning when I got to the flock.

Escaping lamb-2616-2

Despite that, I found a lamb outside the enclosure again this morning.

Escaping lamb-2601-2

The fence was undisturbed, and he seemed completely relaxed (until the border collies noticed him), so I assume he’s continuing to jump over.  This time I had the presence of mind to get his ear tag number.

Escaping lamb-2575-2

I’m glad to see that he’s a wether,* so his time on the farm will be limited.



* A wether is a castrated male sheep.  While I’m building up my flock size, the females all get to stay for at least one breeding cycle, but the boys go to freezer camp when they’re big enough.  As I get closer to the right number of ewes, things will get more equitable.