I’ve been feeling like a chaperone at a high school dance lately.  First was the ewe trying to jump Bravo’s bones, which put me in the ironic role of defending Bravo’s honor.  Then Cass went into heat, and while Bravo hasn’t seemed to notice yet, I’m worried about how I’ll dissuade him once he does.  Then last night it seemed that a wild buck deer tried to get into the grazing paddock with all my ewes over at the Woodbury place; Luc and Cass did their best to convince the buck that he didn’t want to hang around.  And back on my place, the new North Country Cheviot ewes I picked up on Saturday have been fraternizing with the rams.


I’m operating on the assumption that the Fortress fence will prevent any unscripted breeding, but the ardor in their glances makes me nervous.