Boston and Sullivan are only 100 miles apart, but sometimes they seem like different planets.  Today was a humid day in Boston that threatened rain but never quite pulled it off.  It was raining pretty hard as I was coming up Rt 9 toward the farm this evening, but I was surprised to see that Otter Brook, almost dry this morning, was as full as I’d ever seen it, and it was spilling over the highway near my turnoff.  Route 9 was closed and detoured up my street just a few minutes after I got home.


There’s a small stream, Hubbard Brook I believe, that runs at the front of the farm, and this evening it had overtopped as well, spreading across the fields and driveway.  Just below the driveway, the brook was more violent than it had been at the height of snowmelt in the spring.



The weather guys say we got something like 3 inches of rain today, so I’m grateful that the driveway survived and the house stayed dry.  The sheep were pissed off but fine.  I’ll take a better look around tomorrow morning to see if anything got seriously damaged from the floodwaters.  Whew.