With help from my friend Eric White, the sheep completed the second stage of their Tour of Sullivan today, ending up at the Casey place.  A little experience and a working transmission made this move feel much smoother than the first one two weeks ago, though it was still a long day.  I was pleasantly surprised that the sheep already seem acclimated to the trailer, with half the flock jumping right in. The other half took a bit of persuasion, but no sheep-lifting was needed.  I was also comforted that I’m starting to understand how to make the trailer go backward in the direction I want; last time I feared that this skill would be years in coming.


The most challenging part of the flock move was convincing them to jump over a tiny stream to get to their pasture.  Cass pushed and I pulled, and eventually the sheep decided that the lush pasture trumped their fear of the jump.

Moving sheep to Casey-3083-2 Moving sheep to Casey-3086-2

The Caseys, who have been enthusiastic supporters of my shepherding madness, seemed to be enjoying their guests this evening.

Caseys enjoying sheep-0561