I figured I’d eventually come around to shoveling shit — can’t really be a farmer without it.  The shearer is coming tomorrow to relieve the flock of its wooly burden, and he needs a flat, clean place to work, so yesterday I cleaned out a section of the lambing barn for him.

Barn cleanout-9978

I didn’t realize how deep the bedding had built up, but I managed to fill the tractor bucket seven times over.

Barn cleanout-9980 Barn cleanout-9993

I also got to make a significant contribution to the compost pile in one of the gardens.

Barn cleanout-9994Then today’s project was to set up the barnyard for sheep-sorting and bring the flock down from the pasture. While I shoveled shit alone, I was grateful to have help today from my shearer, Bruce Clement, and friend Wendy Pelletier in setting up the temporary handling system and moving the sheep.

Flock before shearing-9997Cleo and Bravo of course moved with their flock.

Flock before shearing-9996