The side of the big barn is one of the uglier spots on the farm — a wet hole that’s been collecting who-knows what for 18 years.  I store discarded gates there that I’ve gathered from around the farm, and I always mean to clean it up.  It’s also turned into the favorite hangout of the sheep in the Lawn-mowing Brigade.

Sheep behind gates-9840 I’ve been seeing Lefty and his mom tucked against one end of the gates.

Sheep behind gates-9832More confusingly, the rams seem to prefer the space between the gates and the foundation wall.  Angus had stuffed himself in there today, but I’ve found all three of them tucked in sometimes.

Sheep behind gates-9826 Sheep behind gates-9831

At first I was worried that they might be stuck, but I’ve seen the rams go out to eat and return to their little slot.  I wonder if the foundation wall gives them a cool refuge from the sun.  But mostly I take it as a reminder that I don’t understand sheep yet.