My friend Bill Fosher jokingly suggested that I become a Hindu so I could summon Ganesha, remover of obstacles.  Since the snow has melted, I’ve been reminded of just how much cleanup is ahead of me on the farm.  The edited list of pending removals includes plain old trash thrown over the edge of the driveway by the barn,

farm Ganesha-0637a non-functional snowplow blade,

farm Ganesha-0651lumber debris fields,

farm Ganesha-0652and the requisite truck axle.

farm Ganesha-0644The farm is also home to overwhelming quantities of decrepit fence, some of whose original purpose is deeply mysterious,

farm Ganesha-0648and miles of barbed wire, mostly embedded in tree trunks.

farm Ganesha-0685

farm Ganesha-0673Last fall, I had delusions that I would clear all of this before summer arrived, but the reality of the pace of progress is settling in.  Time to make a shrine.